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There is not much better than a new Hallmark Channel film, and Campfire Kiss is definitely a new favorite of mine. Interestingly enough, I had interviewed most of the principal roles with one exception--who was Dylan Kingwell? As I was reviewing his credits, I immediately remembered his role of Victor in The Returned, but Hallmark audiences have certainly seen him in two other films (both Christmas films as a matter of fact). Although the premiere of Campfire Kiss was last weekend (March 19th), I know that Hallmark is replaying the movie multiple times, and I even heard it may be making its way up to Canada next weekend. In order to get to know the young man who plays Arthur in this recent heart-warming film, I had the opportunity to chat with this young thespian who has more roles under his belt than some of his adult counterparts!

RH: Dylan, I 'm so glad it worked out for us to chat today. Last weekend was the premiere of your movie Campfire Kiss.

DK: Yes, I loved getting to tweet with my fans. Such a wonderful time.

It was a great movie for sure. So, Dylan, how old are you now?

I am twelve years old, turning thirteen in July.

You are younger than I thought you were. For some reason, I thought you were older than that. I think because you 've had such a
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Well, I started when I was around three. I was a really social kid. My mom would take me to Starbucks, and I would actually go around and talk to people. I would go, "Hi, my name is Dylan," to people I didn 't even know. At the time, my mom and dad thought it would be a fun thins for me to do. So we sent out a letter to a few agencies, asking for representation, and we went into see a few different people. One of the agents we went to--I impressed her by reciting a book that my mom had been reading to me. It was a children 's picture book, and I didn 't know how to read, but she always read it to me, so I remembered it. As a result of that, my agent signed me, and I started doing commercials almost

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