Campus Carry Argumentative Analysis

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During recent years there has been an escalation of gun crimes. Due to the recent escalation of gun crimes arguments such as “Universities should/should not allow concealed guns on campuses,” have been brought up. Some states have now begun to change their gun control regulations on campuses, some have even pushed forth to allow individual institution to make the decision to allow guns on their campuses themselves. There are numerous arguments about guns on campuses. Some of the arguments for anti-guns on campuses are that guns will incite more violence and will possibly distract from the learning environment.As a complement to those arguments some argue for pro-gun on campuses with the argument that gun free zones invite violence themselves. Despite there being many arguments for pro-gun and anti-gun on campuses both arguments share the same source of evidence,…show more content…
Due to the fact that many pro-gun arguments argue false ideas of correlation is causation, forget to mention the lack of training in average individuals, and basic human error; arguments against concealed carry hold greater momentum. There are numerous arguments as to why or why not faculty and students should be able to carry concealed weapons; the greatest arguments deal with correlation vs. causation. In Jordan LaPorta article "In Defense of Self-Defense: Why Campus Carry Is a Good Idea”, LaPorta states that many of the locations that gun violence took place were “gun free zone”. LaPorta states in the article, “One could attribute the occurrence to simple irony if violence in ‘gun-free zones’ was uncommon.” This argument made by LaPorta can be countered by the argument made by Michael Newbern in the article “Associated Press, Austin Media Miss Opportunity to Dig into Campus Carry Stats”, the argument
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