Campus Free Speech: Freedom Of Speech

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Campus Free Speech
It seems every time you turn on the news today there is another story talking about free speech on campus around the country. Many of these stories involve students protesting certain offensive speakers from talking at their university. According to the article Free Speech or Safe Speech, as these protesting become intense and dangerous. These students believe these offensive speakers cause a hostile environment and interrupt their education therefore should not be able to speak at their school. These students believe campus should be a “safe zone from hate speech” (“Free Speech or Safe Speech”, 2017). This has caused a lot of outrage which, has sparked a big debate on campus free speech. In a recent news article, a congressional hearing, on freedom of speech on college campuses, brought many supporters from both sides (Roll, 2017). One opinion both sides could decide on is that freedom of speech on campus needs to be addressed but should offensive speech be banned?
Freedom of speech discord on campus has been around for years but today it is different. Erwin Chemetinsky (2017), the dean of Berkley law school, explained that in the past many students wanted to speak out, hold demonstrations but, felt silenced by the campus administration. On today’s campuses the controversy is often about offensive speakers like the “Radical leftist” (Chemetinsky, 2017) protest group known as Antifa. Antifa has made many headlines in the more recent years for their
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