Campus Parking Problem Case Study

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Moderator: Htet Soe Focus Group Participant: X Agenda: What is the real solution to campus parking problem? I believe there isn’t a tangible one available. For a lot of students, it is an absolute nightmare on finding parking on campus. However, from the University’s view point, funding the money to accommodate all students parking needs is totally incomprehensible. The parking crisis is a real problem that many students face. Students would drive around for half an hours and becomes so angry because they couldn’t find a parking spot. In order to reduce the search time for parking space and other unpredictable causes, a new long term strategy should be created. One of the best way to reduce the time for finding parking is to consider a mass…show more content…
I am sure this will free up a lot of parking spaces across campus. Summary: From this, we can generalize that increasing mass transportation would help the parking problems. As it current, we can see a lot of students driving to campus every day and thus this would help reduce the flow of the traffic. 3. Moderator: Do you support on price increases on the parking permits? What is your price range for University parking permits? Respondent X: I think $100-$150 is about a good range for a parking price. However, if the school were to increase the price to make the school parking better and reduce the traffic of finding the parking, then I am willing to pay for the higher price. Summary: Price increase may effect some of the student’s budget. However, our goal is to give an incentive to not drive the car on campus with the limited parking permits. 4. Moderator: Have you ever taken the bus to come to school? If yes, what was your experience of coming to school with the bus? Respondent X: Yes, I have taken a bus to campus before. It was really a bad experience. I had to wake up earlier than before and wait for the bus. And there were a lot of people on the bus as

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