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Campus Podcast- The Story of Isaiah Austin
Imagine being days away from achieving your lifelong dream but then having it taken away from you in the blink of an eye. That is the harsh reality that former Baylor University student Isaiah Austin had to face. Isaiah was a 7 feet 1 inch basketball phenomenon that was destined to be drafted as a top five pick in the 2014 NBA draft. However, on June 1ST 2014, 5 days before the draft, NBA officials were saddened to announce to Isaiah and his family that he (Isaiah) had a serious heart condition called Marfan syndrome and would not be allowed to be part of the NBA. In the following days, Isaiah took time to recuperate and understand what had taken place. During that time period the story of this young man spread throughout North America, and thus the NBA commissioner Adam Silver invited Isaiah and his family to the NBA draft, and even gave Isaiah the chance to see how it felt to be drafted. In the following months Isaiah was offered a job in the NBA following the completion of his degree and even came out with a book called Dream Again. Isaiah is now an inspiration to
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One of the concepts of adolescent development state that all individuals must take on tasks in life, and the ability to complete those tasks allows an individual to grow up. During the process of going from one stage to another stage individuals become mature, create a self identity, and become independent. One of the stages of this cycle is working toward the goal of economic independence. This applies to Austin because he was on the path to make millions of dollars but had to adjust because of his disease. This obstacle in Austin’s life significantly hindered his ability become independent because he was once again dependent on his family to provide economic support for him to finish his degree in
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