Campus Recruitment Model Of ABB

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Program & Batch: Campus recruitment model of ABB

MT selection methodology

Phase I Engineering test ( Aptitude, domain based test on engineering discipline, psychometric )
Group Discussion

Phase II
Technical Interview

Phase III
HR Interview/Assesment by Senior Management Level

Organization with Innovative HR practices
ABB executed IS based HR administration to enable every single representative regardless of their work place . This SAP based HR framework can be gotten to out the organization's LAN
Below is a quick look.

Facilities through HR IS

• providing Information on all significant HR matters

• fast and adaptable information access for all representatives and administrators

• one
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The ceiling limit is Rs 50 Lakhs
Group Personal Accident (GPA) : Under GPA scheme, the nominee of the deceased employee is paid 60 times last PF wages for regular employees and 48 times last PF wages for trainees
Reimbursement of Hospitalization Expenses (RHE) : 100% reimbursement for employees and their spouses and 50% for their kids
Performance Management System
The performance management system in ABB is termed as Performance and Development Appraisal – PDA reflecting the value of organization where every employee from top to bottom charts down his own career track for short and long term in term for business and behavioral performance. The company follows calendar year timeline but PDA process every year starts for December and culminates in February. At the start of PDA an employee mentions his business targets, behavioral target and additional plan for next assessment year and the reporting manager approves the plan in consultation with the Business Unit HR partner . The PDA comes back to employee for this finally locking. This appraisal form can be edited once in six months as per the existing requirements. Managers in
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Hence each BU functions as an individual company leading to great friction among the unit. Many a times in order to increase the business revenue of individual BU, employees tend to prefer for internal cannibalization of the orders. Employees tend to become too much BU and Region centric. As the individual Bonus of the employee has a component of BU and Division performance, hence achieving overall company business goal takes the rear seat. One ABB approach is what required presently. Another flaw at such a behemoth organization is the lack of timely decision.Due to complex organizational structure and multiple level of authorization, decision making is relatively slow

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