Can A Playground Be Too Safe Analysis

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“Can a Playground Be Too Safe?” written by John Tierney is an article about how children realize the task taken on playground become more dangerous. Just because playgrounds added shorter equipments and the old pavements replace by rubber cause less injuries. The author explains how parents overcome fear of their children while they climb up high monkey bars. Fear can hurt your children more than a small injury while facing life. Parents should know when it comes to safety, you either can help your children face it or let them face emotional fear. John Tierney uses a wide variety of examples to explain the ethos, pathos, and logos aspects in his essay regarding children’s future on playgrounds. Parents always care about safety first when is comes to playgrounds, but emotion and fear can affect a child more than a bad fall off the playground. “We posit that our fear of children being harmed by mostly harmless injuries may result in more fearful children and increased levels of psychopathology.” What’s the point for children to go play with other children if they can never learn from their mistakes? Children would rather face thrills and risks…show more content…
This has affected the way they face challenges later on in life by not facing high heights and overcoming their fears. Parents worry more about park safety than ever caring how it could really effect their children moods growing up. Children falling on soft mats don't stop injuries at parks. The more of a change a child would take the chance to fall down can cause them still getting hurt. When the park has hard floor the more the change a child going try get over the jungle without falling down. When they do cross over the jungle gym the children overcome fear of heights. Injuries at playgrounds can always happen, but it overpowers being scared and afraid later in life. Pain can only last a couple weeks, where fear can last a
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