Can Amir Be Good Again Analysis

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Can Amir be good again… ? This is the exact question that has been continuously running through my mind with each turn of the page in The Kite Runner, though before hand, I found myself wondering what aspects, qualities, or characteristics have ever defined Amir as “good” in the first place? Furthermore, by the term, “good”, do our minds think of “good” as in only benefiting thyself, or benefiting those of the world around us? Before one can determine if Amir can be good again, these questions that linger in the depths of our mind must be brought to the surface of reality and acknowledged. As far as the reader knows, Hassan and Amir both started life at the same place, but when one analyzes the characters personal characteristics, they foil each other in such a way that Hassan seems to have a sole purpose of exposing the flaws of Amir throughout their childhood, leaving an everlasting impact on the reader's thoughts, in which it is hard for the reader to detect the good in Amir when there seems to be so much bad. For example, in the very exposition of the novel, even before Hassan’s raping, Amir had to repeatedly reinforce self-discipline upon himself when…show more content…
Being good is sacrificing the good of your being, health, and life for the needed benefit of others who are suffering. Yes, Sohrab was suffering, but Amir was denying traveling back to his past on the phone until he said, “There is a way to be good again.” At that exact moment, Amir agreed to go back. Amir brought his fate upon himself, and he had two chances to correct the past that in the end can never be repaired. Not only is the past of Amir scarred, but the past of Rahim, Hassan, Baba, and Sohrab have forever been shattered, and it’s in too many little shards of glass for Amir to place each piece back together again, trying to resemble what his life and everyone else’s life should have been compared to what it is now and will forever
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