Can College Improve Someone's Life

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Can college really improve someone 's life? A college education will indeed help provide people through life. A college education will open more opportunities that can provide benefits for life. A college education teaches graduates to be able to have better health, more job opportunities, and being able the make lifelong friends. First, college graduates are able to get better job opportunities. According to the article, “New School year old story,” college graduates will have more job opportunities and have a higher pay than a high school graduate and going to college lessen the amount of unemployment. Having more job opportunities means that graduates have jobs that can help graduates pay their debt off so they can live their life without a school debt making it hard on them. If one has a professional degree (as a doctor or attorney.He or she can make $612 more per week than someone with a bachelor degree, (“New School year, old story”). College graduates with degrees earn $22,000 more per year than a high…show more content…
A college education is valuable because one can make lifelong friends, have better health, and have more job opportunities that can better one’s life and be surprised when they think back to when they were in college and say that they made the right choice of going to college. Some people might say college isn’t worth going to, some can’t afford to go to college, or it’s not gonna help in life. But when examining the fact that college graduates are paid more and have more knowledge of life than others, they can state that going to college would be better than having a job that pays high but one is able to get more if they went to college. Going to college may be expensive, but it helps one’s life open more doors of opportunities onto bettering your life and many possibilities in your job career. Do yourself a favor and work hard to complete your future. I know you won’t think twice about
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