Can Everyday Sports Be An Everyday Life Lesson?

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Can Everyday Sports be an Everyday Life Lesson? Kids have been playing sports for years, decades, in fact, for 3,000 years. When we hear the word “sports,” we picture running, throwing, jumping, kicking, dodging. Back throughout history and still today, people have always wondered - what is the point of sports? Why do children play sports? Well, sports are not only a fun game for kids, but they serve as life lessons that can help a child not only a success currently but in the future. Although others think that sports for youth have nothing to do with educating children in any way, it is easy to see that sports teach life lessons to kids. To add on, many other people think that sports do teach valuable life lessons too. First of all, it is worth mentioning how sports can help a child, which is boosting their confidence. Furthermore to the discussion, it also teaches a child sportsmanship, which is giving full respect to the coaches, players, and the game. Many parents agree to this statement too, saying that it helped their child get through the hard times in life and that it brought them closer to society ( Alberts para. 2) . In addition to the topic youth sports teach life lessons to a child, sports help lift a kids self-confidence. As said from my parents, they only allow me to do sports not just because their fun to play, but they say it keeps my head up high rather than feeling ashamed. In the article “The Benefits of Competitive Athletic Sports Participation in

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