Can-Field Fair Experience

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My favorite memory is when I went to Can-field Fair. I went there with my Great Aunt and Grandma. It was a long drive but we had fun at the fair. We went to the fair only a couple of weeks ago. I love this experience because of the food, the animals, and spending time with my family. They had a lot of animals at the fair like rabbits and horses etc. they even had a tent for animals with deformed bodies. 1 goat had 4 sets of horns. Another goat had 5 legs. A cow even had 8 legs. My favorite animals were probably the rabbits they were so cute but there cages stunk. I also loved spending time with my family. I don 't see my Grandma very often so it was fun to see her. My Aunt loves Halloween so as soon as we got there she ran off to look for the Halloween stuff. I rode a lot of rides with my Aunt but my Grandma barely rode any of the rides. Me and my Aunt went through a haunted house but it was not very good.…show more content…
The first thing I ate was cheese fries. The fries were so cheesy you would have to eat them with a fork. After that i got dipping dots. As soon as i got the dipping dots I spilled half of the cup. The lemonade was so sugary after I drank the lemonade i got a spoon to eat the sugar on the bottom. With all the things I did at the fair it will always be my most memorable experience. The animals were really cool especially the deformed animals. Spending time with my family was also fun because I rarely see my Grandma. The food was really good especially the sugary lemonade. And these are the reasons that Can-field Fair is my most memorable
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