Can Lying Be Justified

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Can Lying Be Justified or is it Always Wrong?

In life we, as humans, are given situations that involve saying something that may not be entirely true. "A good many does not lie. It is the situation which brings lying so naturally within the domains of things categorically wrong..." Charlie Fried had believed in this statement, as well as many others. Lying can be done for many different reasons, not just for evil. Lying can be done for multiple reasons, but in these cases it is justifiable; people lie to protect someone 's feelings, to preserve a child 's innocence, or to keep a special event a surprise.

The major reasons on why people lie is to protect another person 's feelings. Being a human we have the ability to lie, but we also
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Parents lie to children; they have for countless moons, but that does not mean that they are doing it to be mean or evil. Children are innocent, they haven 't experienced the world enough to know all the atrocious parts in it. As a good parent should achieve, they try to preserve this innocence for their child; using a white lie every now and then is at times the only option. A white lie is telling an untruth, but won 't harm the person and this is what various parents have done to their kids (Ericsson 121). For example, a child may ask where a baby comes from; more than likely the parents do not want their child to know about sexual intercourse at such a young age that a lie is needed. Most of the times parents say that babies come from storks from heaven that God makes for them; a child usually understands that and has no further questions. Can you just imagine having a child that knew about how sex works? That is not innocent what so ever. Having spoken about God, it is time to bring up a religious point of view; Christmas. Children usually don 't get the big point of Christmas being Jesus ' birthday, but they do understand of Santa Clause and presents. Parents told the famous white lie to their children all the time, Santa is real. Now many parents tell this lie to begin with to give the chance of wonder and awe to their child, having an imagination is a big developing point with a younger person. Who wouldn 't want to think about a hefty man squishing threw…show more content…
Another frequently necessary lie is a facade. Sometimes, as a friend, one needs to keep an important event hidden from the other. These types of lies can be classified under a facade, depending on how the person plays with it. A facade is an illusion, making something seem the opposite of what is really happening (Ericsson 122). Many ideas of how this is used can be formed from real life for their are many instances. For example: keeping a surprise party from a friend can be classified as a facade if the lier is throwing out the illusion that she has no idea of anything, she doesn 't even need to bring it up. This false illusion can make it seem like it is just an ordinary day when all of a sudden, surprise! There is a party. Lying like this is not being a horrible friend, it is being a good friend by trying to show their self worth. Facades, however, are often assumed to be evil due to politics. People who are involved in the government can trick people enough to where nothing they say can be believed. For example; someone who is running for president can give viewers the illusion that they care for the church 's views, but secretly gives money to abortion clinics. With a facade, one cannot be too sure on what it 's true or not. As one can see, facades do not have to be evil, just most are used
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