Can Movies Influence Young Minds Essay

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Can movies influence young minds, if so, should they be shown to teens? Well, it’s true that movies can influence today’s young minds, but more importantly, it can be used for good. Lately, many movies have portrayed situations in which controversial topics are involved. These movies are set to appeal to today’s youth, and it’s easy to do so because it appeals to them on a physiological level. Directors and screen players use their experiences to persuade their audience. Even if teens in the audience are against the movie maker's opinion, they can still get them on their side. To begin, teens are more susceptible to be led into someone else's beliefs. The hormonal changes in a teenager's brain actually make them more willing to change. The hormones they receive lead to more physiological changes, which makes them more open to change themselves. "The teenage brain is a work in progress," says Sandra Witelson, a neuroscientist at McMaster University in Ontario. The youth want to rebel, or turn away from their past. If something appeals to them, their more likely to latch onto the concept. The teenagers only…show more content…
The best way to show a teen an opinion, is through emotion. Appealing to anyone's emotions is a surefire way to make them remember their experience. Stella Meghie, the director of “Everything, Everything”, she shows the story of Maddy, “It is the coming of age of a young woman. It is her relationship with her mother, it is their relationship with the female caretaker, it is the flush of first love from a young woman’s point of view…”. The movie helped to appeal to many teenagers because of Maddy’s first love, which many of them are now experiencing too. Once the viewers have been drawn in, Meghie teaches them the power of women throughout the movie. This is one way people fighting for women’s rights can show people their beliefs, and it worked, and should continue
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