Can Peace Lead To War

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Can Peace Lead to War? Yes, peace can lead to war. A temporary peace, or one built up quickly can cause tensions for the oppressed and the oppressors. As in the Treaty of Versailles, Germany was reprimanded for things they did not do and France, Britain and the U.S were fighting with each other over the terms Germany was to agree to. Germany, in turn, was looking for revenge and started WW2. However a permanent peace were the blame is shared, no blame is placed or placed with consent or negotiations as well as negotiated terms with oppressed can lead to a longer peace and smaller wars. The Paris Peace Treaty, the treaty that ended WW2, is a great example of this as another world war has not taken place. Nonetheless, human nature today is charged with conflict, which is…show more content…
The type of peace, temporary or more permanent, depends on how long it will last as conflict is a part of human nature, leading to the conclusion peace can lead to war. A temporary peace can be compared to putting a band-aid over a bullet hole; it might hold and stop the blood on the surface but there’s much more damage in the inside. The Treaty of Versailles was a band-aid to the other world problems after WW1. First when the treaty was being written the US, Britain and France could not agree to which degree the terms against Germany should be. The US wanted “peace without victory”, France wanted to cripple Germany and gain security from the treaty and Britain wanted middle ground of wat the US and Germany wanted (Treaty of Versailles: How America, France & Britain Benefited.). Consequently the treaty was written for the benefit of each
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