Process Essay: Can Sexual Orientation Change?

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Can sexual orientation change?
People cannot choose their gender or sex, however sex orientation is an individual choice. Irrespective of the different claims made by people about their sexual orientation about just finding themselves following a certain form of sexual orientation, there is no biological proof of it being genetic. It is however to understand some factors such as culture, economic status, religion and peer pressure can influence the choice of sexual orientation. Sexual orientation across the two genders is expressed through sexual fantasies, attractions, desires and behaviors. There are three choices to sexual orientation; one can be a homosexual, heterosexual or a bisexual.
Studies have been conducted among the liberal societies where the three forms of sex orientations have been openly accepted to understand whether it is easy for one to change from one sexual orientation to the other and the fluidity of such change. The fluidity of changing from one sexual orientation has also been investigated with keen interest to the genders involved. Reports by people who have changed their sexual orientations are never taken seriously. People assume
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This would be important in determining the best model to use on a homosexual based on the person’s personal information. Psychotherapy should view homosexuality not just as an opposite sex problem, rather it should be viewed as the difficult parties involved in go through when trying to relate with people of the same sex. This explains why majority of people who seek psychotherapy treatment are disillusioned. For people to respond well to therapy, they should not be stressed, be motivated to change and should also have previous histories of being heterosexual and changed into homosexual
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