Can T Help Falling In Love With You Analysis

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Title: Can't Help Falling In Love With You. Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader Word Count: 802 (+lyrics) You. You're the reason he would lay awake at night staring at the empty ceilings, overthinking as usual. You made him want to be selfish, he wanted you all to himself, but he can't. Everyone whispers about it and he know it, he knows that he is not the most stable man on the building. He have this internal battle with himself that he cannot be what you want. He was scared, he was The Winter Soldier he didn’t deserve you. It was a sin to be falling in love with you, but Bucky Barnes is a sinner for your love. But it's also you who made him fight his internal battle with himself. People warned you about him, but do you care at all? The answer is no. You never cared about what people says, you fall in love with him just like he falls for you. This love is a sin and both of you are a sinner. But who cares? Not you, and definitely not James Buchanan Barnes. Not anymore. He didn't feel guilty to…show more content…
Would it be a sin If I can’t help falling in love with you? The record hummed softly from your bedroom. You can't help, but smiled as you hummed the tunes perfectly. “Dance with me, doll.” Bucky said, offering his hands for you to take. You smiled, grabbing his hands, he helped you getting up from the bed to be on your feet with him. “I guess I’m a fool for falling in love with you, Buck.” You whispered against his chest, looking up at him with eyes full of sweet tides and pool of love. The height difference made him look down to you, he didn’t mind that he’s going to get a neck pain soon he love staring down at you. He stared at you with so much happiness, smile plastered on his face. He was in love with you. His arms warping around your waist and your arms wrapping around his neck as both of you slowly swinging to the song. “Me too, doll. Me too.” Like a river flows Surely to the
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