Can Torture Ever Be Justified?

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Justified Torture What does the question, can torture ever be justified really mean? What is the difference between rights and justified? What does torture really mean? Many people when thinking of the question, “Can torture ever be justified?” they often automatically go to “Can torture ever be right?” which is not the question. Whether torture can ever be justified or right is two different things. “Right” and “justified” is two different words with two different meanings. The meaning of right is “appropriate, suitable, proper…”, while the meaning of justified is “ to show adequate grounds for doing [something]…” (dictionary.) Therefore even though torture is not technically “right” torture can be justified within the reasoning behind torture.…show more content…
They believe that no matter what a person has done that they should never be tortured. Let’s take the example of Alyssa Bustamante and Elizabeth Olten. Alyssa (age 15) had been beaten, strangled, stabbed and slit Elizabeth’s (age 9) throat and wrists. For the simple reason of just wanting to know what it was like to kill someone or something. Later after committing the crime she wrote in her dairy, “It was amazing. As soon as you get over the ‘ohmygawd I cant do this’ feeling, its pretty enjoyable. Im kinda nervous and shaky though right now. Kay, I gotta go to church now…lol” (qtd Majidi). Imagine being this Elizabeth’s parents, knowing that your daughter will never know what it’s like to have a sweet sixteen, graduate from high school, getting married, have kids, grow old, and to die surrounded by loved ones. However she will know how it is to die alone, scared, and brutally. As well as the fact that Elizabeth is died and no matter what that cannot be changed, while her murder Alyssa is alive and breathing. As well Alyssa gets life in prison with the chance of getting out on good behavior in ten years. Then she can go through life like nothing has ever happened to her. While their daughter Elizabeth will never be able to live again. So is torture really right in this situation? No. Although can torture be justified is this situation? Yes. Alyssa murdered their daughter. Harmed their family, made it to the point that their lives will be changed forever. Alyssa tortured Elizabeth before she murdered her, and through murdering Elizabeth, Alyssa had also tortured Elizabeth’s whole family. So, yes if they took it into their own hands and tortured Alyssa in some form of way, it would be justified. Right? No. Justified? Yes. Alyssa took the life of Elizabeth Olten for no reason. Does she deserve to feel the same pain that poor Elizabeth Olten
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