Can Trama Lived In The Back Of The Mind Analysis

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Throughout this entire week, I have come to learn that memories are reconstructed when we remember them; however, this doesn’t make them fake, they are indeed real in my opinion. This is also my opinion on repressed memories. Repressed memories are real. Therapies in which therapist continue to suggest there’s “something else” (Loftus) are the reason why people doubt the authenticity of repressed memories. In the video False Memories, the study showing how subjectable people are to formulating false memories is astonishing and it proves just how easy it is to create fake memories. I believe that suggestibility is the main cause behind constructed/fake memories: Paul McHugh made it very clear in Can Trama Hid in the Back of the Mind?” to remind people that certain types of therapies (hypnosis and drugs) can make a person more susceptible. “Some contemporary therapists have been known to tell …show more content…

I’ve come to terms that not all memories are happy but they are the reasons happy ones can be so much better. That being said, I’ve grown up fortunate. I have a happy family with both parents, a house, and I’ve never been deprived in a survival way. Watching the PBS video I was sad with how many letters Andre Fenton was receiving of people wanting to erase their memories, one guy even going as far to say he wouldn’t mind even if it meant losing all of his memories. At first, I thought how amazing it could be if we could erase memories because I first thought of criminals possibly getting a second chance-if they were able to start completely fresh. However hearing Fenton end with how he wouldn’t want to wipe someone 's memory and how they might not be human anymore, made me realize how our core memories do make us who we are and I can’t imagine the loss of identity that would come after. I know for sure I would never want my memories

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