Can You Really Gain Weight Without Getting Fat

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Can You really Gain Muscle Weight Without Getting Fat?

2 main fitness goals exist, one is to gain muscle mass and the other is to lose body fat. Unfortunately, mostly, both of goals are at opposite ends of the spectrum. Remember this rule: Building muscle mass will require you to take in a surplus of calories, because as you certainly know, it’s impossible for you to build muscle out of nothing, period.

On the other hand, to lose fat mass it will be necessary for you to be in a negative calorie balance.

To try to accomplishthese 2 goals at the same time is rarely a good approach. Simply because you´re going to end up spinning your wheels and you will get nowhere.

It’s a fact that almost all weight lifters will have to accept some fat gain when looking to gain weight, however the question is: How much fat gain do they need to add?

So let’s discuss again our original question: Can you really gain weight without getting fat?

When we talk about adding muscle mass, appear 2 approaches we can take:
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This way of thinking is heavily flawed because, as we all know, the body can only assimilate certain amount of tissue at once and after that, any remaining calories will simply be stored as body fat. Just as simple as that. And unfortunately, yourself my friend, are not the exception to this rule. So, for the guys out there who take in 5000 or more calories per day, it’s clear that they will result in a considerable amount of unwanted fat

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