Can Young People Make A Difference Essay

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There are many things in the world that could make a society better. Many people look down on some adults because they don’t think that kids and young people could make a difference in society. They laugh when a young person say that we want to make a difference because we have to stereotype that we just go out and smoke, take drugs, and never want to pay attention to the society. Many grown ups do not think that kids cant do it, they just want their kids to be normal and go to school just like the other kids. Young people came make a change in society by their Jobs, Community Services, and voting. There are many ways that kids can make a difference. The first way that young people can make a difference is doing their jobs at their place of work. This might not seem like many society better but it is. Many kids like to get lazy and just sit around all day. There are many people in the community that are looking for jobs and many businesses are looking for young people to come and work for them. Many kids do not want to do the jobs…show more content…
There are people like me that step in and try to help them out to best of our abilities. Young people helping in the community can help our society because there are times that there are even some adults that don’t even want to help out around the community, so there are some people that are depending on young people to come and become leaders in the community and help others out so they can be examples to others that anything is possible if you take the time and try your best. It doesn’t even have to talk a lot of people to do community services. It can just take that one person that wants to help out to come forth and help our community. This is not the only way that young people can help our

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