Canada Act Of 1982 Essay

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There are many moments in Canada’s history that served to define the country. Some of these moments include Confederation in 1867, the discovery of insulin by Dr. Frederick Banting and his assistant Charles Best, the implementation of free health Care, the Canadian and Soviets hockey series in which Canada won, and many more. But, as argued in this paper, is the Canada Act in 1982. (It is important to keep in mind the Constitution Act, 1982 was annexed as a part of the Canada Act and may be referred to in this paper.) The Canada Act served to give Canada, and its populace, the greatest amount of independence and freedom that it has ever experienced, politically, culturally, and legally.

First, the Canada Act made it so that any law enacted in the United Kingdom from there on out would not automatically be enacted in Canada. The specific quote from the
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This Charter guaranteed many rights and freedoms. some of the rights and freedoms guaranteed include: democratic rights (like every citizen 's right to vote); Fundamental freedoms (e.g. conscience, religion, thought, expression, peaceful assembly, association); mobility rights (such as the right to remain in, leave, and enter Canada; and the right to move into, and earn a living in, any province [subject to certain limitations]); equality rights (the right not to be discriminated on basis of sex, race, national or ethnic origin, mental or physical disability, age, or race); official language rights; minority-language education rights in certain circumstances; legal rights (a lengthy list of rights including the right for an individual to be given the reason for their arrest or detention and the right to be given a fair trial within reasonable time); and many more rights. To sum it up, these many rights and freedoms helped make Canada a much better, more free, safe, and comfortable place to live
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