Canada After World War 1 Essay

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1. How effectively were returning Canadian soldiers reintegrated into society? How does this compare to American troops following WWI? Be specific. Reintegration of Canadian veterans was very effective. Veterans’ pensions were raised to 20% of the federal budget by 1920 and the Department of Soldier’s Civil Re-establishment provided vocational training. Also, Khaki University was established to offer pre-university education to soldiers. The Soldiers’ Settlement Board was set up to issues loans for stock, equipment and buildings and buy agricultural land. Compared to the United States, Canada was very effective in its efforts, seeing the US did not pass any bills meant to assist veterans.
2. Briefly describe two groups and their grievances that caused unrest after the war. Farmers had grievances that were caused by the war.
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What was the cult of victory? How did it affect Canadian autonomy and nationalism? The cult of victory was increased nationalism for the Allied Powers following World War I. Canadians were proud of their achievement in WWI, and experienced increased unity in their nation. Many see Canada’s nationalism as their increased independence from Britain.
6. In what ways were Quebecois and other French Canadians affected by the war? How did this differ from the English-speaking Canadian experience? Historian Desmond Morton argued that Quebec never embraced the war in the first place. Also, French Canadians opposed conscription and internment of ‘enemy aliens’, unlike most English-speaking Canadians. They feared that English-Canadians’ aggression would lead to containment of their language and culture. They thought that English-Canadians sought for the nation to be tied to Britain and their shared language. Also, English-speaking Canadians celebrated the war.
7. Write one question that you would like to discuss further in class. What other British dominions experienced increased autonomy following WWI, like Canada? How did they achieve

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