Canada And Climate Change Essay

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Topic: Dealing with climate change Thesis statement: Canada has to carry out important task of dealing with climate change as a leader in the world. It should have definite purpose that can get most people to understand before acting. Smith, H. (2010). Choosing not to see: Canada, climate change, and the Arctic. International Journal, 65(4), 931-942 This journal article is written by a professor and is intended to be read by academic audience. This article starts by examining the dominant themes in the discourse relating to the Arctic. After presenting the Canadian Prime Minister Stephan statement, Smith argues that the Action of climate change is needed now for Arctic environment and wellbeing of indigenous people. However, Canadian governments tend to focus on the economic. In fact, the indigenous people face devastating cultural and economic impacts. Seeking the resources cause malting ice and the lives of Arctic people disrupt. The idea of Smith supports my thesis because I agree that Canada should tackle climate change activity in order to protect indigenous people. The balance between potential resources and humanity is important in Arctic area, so I chose this book from this reason.…show more content…
They express sincere gratitude in the Canadian Council on Ecological Areas (CCEA) Protected Areas and Climate Change (PACC) Survey. A first, it is written that the goal of CCEA is to facilitate and to support Canadians with the establishment, management and use of network of protected area. They state that protected area is a key strategic asset in Canada’s natural efforts. Moreover, it is important role in continuing ecosystem services such as clean air and clean water. Canada is internationally recognized as a leader in the charge of protected area. The idea of authors helps my thesis because I agree that Canada protects the vast land activity, so I chose this book from this
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