Canada Bilingualism Analysis

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Multilingualism should be given official recognition. Canada has a history of background shaped by two different countries which are Britain and France. Those countries have different languages and different cultures. Therefore in Canada both influences are reflected in modern society. However, it should be noted from the experts that “in the last 10 years, the rate of bilingualism in Canada’s population decreased slightly for the first time since 1961, to 17.5 per cent in 2011. This drop suggests that “Canada’s bilingual nature did not necessarily go hand-in-hand with a bilingual population” (Statistics Canada, 2). It is true that the generation is changing, a surprising variety of people live in Canada and the culture obtain undergoing.…show more content…
Which tells about the people who are a non English or French speaker. Therefore the language is one of the hot issues for Canada and also it should be a pliability for immigrants because people will be able to hear non official language in Canada such as Spanish, Mandarin or Cantonese a lot in the local society. Although bilingualism is an important part of Canada and it is not official or native language in Canada, people who is immigrant are working and supporting each other in modern society in this same country. The bilingualism is one form respect for French Canadian but it is also true, CIC shows that “In 2011, Canada had a foreign-born population of about 6,775,800 people. They represented 20.6% of the total population, the highest proportion among the G8 countries” (Statistics Canada 1). Which means, one out of 5 people in Canada’s population is foreign-born. These change may make it necessary for Canada to re-evaluate their…show more content…
It is really useful and helpful for children to be a bilingual in Canada. The education system is absolutely important for the country because these children who had taken the education system will build and develop a country in the future. One report from a Liberal Critic of Official Language, it is written that the numbers of young Canadians of Chinese origin spoke wonderful French in French immersion school. He does not mention it which grade of school he visited before, but probably they will speak Chinese at home and to speak French at school. This environment has an effect on the child. However, over 80 percent of native Canadian can not speak French fluently if their parents were both Anglophone. Notice, Canadian children have to take a French language until grate 10 which is depends on the school and province, then after that, they have a choice the subject whatever they want or not. Therefore this French foundation will work for only someone who would like to continue to study in French. For other students, they will not study French at all. Was it just a waste of time? Should they study another subject instead the French language, shouldn’t they? The French immersion school has a benefit for education and it is perfect environment for student who would like to study French. But it is not necessary to study French as required subject in regular school, it should be an elective subject

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