Canada And China Similarities

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In the current multi-cultural society, cultural diversity is apparent that in any culture there is a majority and many minorities. Canada and China are two very large countries that have cultures that are well known throughout the world. They can be compared to each other. Both Canada and China are examples of multicultural countries share many similarities. The similarities between China and Canada can be demonstrated through immigration, the ethnic minorities, folk customs, languages and religious diversity.
One similarity between Canada and China is the immigration. Major cities both on Chinese and Canadian main land are attracting a growing of people from around the world. Canada has long been known as one of the world’s most welcoming
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In Canada, each group of people has their own folk customs. For example, those first nations like Inuit and Tlingit, they made boats, hooks, and other tools to catch fish, seals, walrus and even whale. They use oil of marine animal for the light and dog sled as their transportation. New Year on January 1 is the most significant festival for Canadians every year. Although the Spring Festival is not a formal national holiday in Canada, with the gradual influence of the Chinese in Canada, Canadian people also joined the celebration of the spring festival. On the occasion of the arrival of Spring Festival every year, many major department stores are aimed at Chinese new year, providing a series of authentic traditional Chinese new year merchandise, including Spring Festival couplets, flowers, candy, special purchases for the Spring Festival. The different ethnic minorities in China have different folk customs. For example, every April, the Dai people in Yunnan provinces sing and dance to celebrate their Water-Sprinkling Festival, and the Torch festival is the most crucial event to Yi people. However, probably the most spectacular memory for people is Chinese New Year. In recent years, western festivals are becoming more and more popular in China. Chinese younger generation is also absorbing western culture, for example, they are more likely to celebrate Christmas, Valentine's day and other Western…show more content…
In Canada, a wide range of beliefs is covering the whole country. For instance, Roman Catholics, Anglicans, Baptists, and the remaining are belong with non-Christian religions, the largest of which are Islam and Hinduism. Of these, the great majority of Canadians about 70% identify as Christian. Freedom of religion in Canada is a protected right, allowing individuals to assemble and worship without limitation or interference. Likewise, Chinese civilization has been influenced by various religious including Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism, Christianity, Islam and other faiths. In addition to Han people's local religious, there are also various ethnic minority groups who maintain their traditional religions in China. Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism are three core religions. Freedom of religion also is guaranteed by China's constitution, respect for and protection of freedom of religious is a basic policy of Chinese government.
In both the Canadian cultural diversity, and the cultural diversity in China, we see they are more alike than different and have lots in common. These countries were representative countries with obvious multi-culture, and has a unique role for exhibition of the cultural diversity of the world culture. We can learn much from both the Canada and
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