Canada Dbq Essay

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From 1929 to 1945, Canada looked to become trustworthy trading partners with the United States. A way in which Canada strengthened its trade with the United States was by branching out from just being trading partners with Britain. Even though Britain was Canada’s primary trading partner, it was not until the 1920’s that Canada began to trade with the United States. A decrease in tariffs from 1913 to 1930, and zero or near-zero tariffs imposed by the U.S Revenue Act of 1913, allowed Canadian exporters to trade freely with the United States. As a result, Canadian exports to the United States rose from $104 million in 1911 to $315 million in 1930. Moreover, since Canada and the United States wanted to minimize tariffs, both were a perfect match for trade. The Great Depression took a big toll on both…show more content…
The Reciprocal Tariff Act of 1938 between the United States and Canada minimized tariffs up to 50%. This act would go on to steadily decline tariffs and other trade barriers in the future. Compared with a $235 million in 1932, Canadian exports to the United States totaled $711 million in 1940, clearly showing tariff reduction. Reductions in tariffs allowed Canada and the U.S to resume and expand their trade together. Furthermore, since Canada produced what the U.S needed, and the U.S produced what Canada needed, both looked to become acquainted through trade. Canada’s trade was agricultural based whereas the United States’ trade was industry based. Canada needed industry related products meanwhile the United States needed agricultural needs and natural resources. Canada’s exports to the United States included “timber, grain, meats, butter, cheese, flour, fish and coal.” Most of the United States’ exports to Canada were automobiles and industrial equipment. Overall, 1929 to 1945 marked the founding and constructing of the great trading Canada and the U.S would go on to do in the future. However, The Cold War tested and redefined Canada’s relations with the U.S as
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