Canada First World War Analysis

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The legacy of Canada’s contributions to the First World War was small but significant. Throughout Canada’s years as a powerful nation, they acquired the harsh realities of war and why it is important to separate themselves from Britain and start gaining independence and nationhood. The First World War was truly the period where many nations fought against one another leading to the immensity of destruction. Although at the end of the war, Canada was no longer seen merely as the colony of Britain , but a nation with full independence that had been shaped into a strong and powerful country it has become today. The Great War commences on July 1914, it is assumed tacitly that Canada would also join the war as Britain 's ally and subordinate. This…show more content…
Although during the war, Canada was willing to defend its empire Britain and send out thousands of men to fight and stand beside Britain. Military of Militia, Sam Hughes and former Prime Minister and Leader of the Conservative Party , Sir Robert Borden trained Canadian men who volunteered and who were willing to join the war to protect Canada and Britain. Sam Hughes trained all volunteered men at Valcartier and prepared them for one of the most bloodiest and devastating battles Canada has ever entered. On August 1914, war is officially declared between Great Britain, Germany and Canada. Canada was not prepared for this war at all with only a standing army of 310 trained men. Training of men was inadequate that Canada posed no real threat towards the Germans in the European war. Sir Robert Borden also offers Britain the service of Canadian troops that Britain evidently accepts and the race to 500,00 troops is on. Sir Wilfrid Laurier, former Leader of the Liberal party and Prime Minister spoke for Canada when he stated that “ it is our duty to let Great Britain know and to let the friends and foes of Great Britain know that there is in Canada but one mind and one heart and that all Canadian are behind the mother country”. This means that Canada is loyal in supporting Great Britain behind the line and that Canada will be standing beside them throughout the war. Canada responds with a burst of numerous amounts of men willing to volunteer from across the country. But because of the small pre war enduring force, citizen soldiers would potentially form the majority of the new Canadian Expeditionary Force. A tremendous amount of men showed up at their local recruiting stations and enthusiastic to be a part of helping Britain and still hold emotional ties
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