Canada Government Vs Us Government Essay

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Even though both Canada and the United States are democratic countries, there are key differences in how their government functions and how the country is ruled. For starters, Canada is a Constitutional Monarchy and is ran by prime minister Justin Trudeau and the Parliament, on the other hand, the US is a Republic Democracy ran by a president and the Congress. In the US the head of state is its president but in Canada, for any law or bill to pass the parliament needs to have Royal Assent which is a signature of the Governor General or the Queen. Therefore, this does kind of limit the prime minister’s powers. The Congress and the Parliament are very similar but proceed in a different manner. The Congress is made up of the House of Representatives which has their members voted in every two years as well as the Senate whose members are voted in every six…show more content…
The prime minister is an Elected official, currently although this not part of the Canadian Constitution. In fact, the Governor General chooses the Prime Minister. Also, the Prime Minister is also the leader of the political party with the most seats in the House of Commons. The Prime Minister will stay in power until there is a change in the number of seats that are owned by the different political party. The President is Elected by the whole nation and will stay in power for 4 years and may only serve for 2 terms and that is all there is to it. In my opinion, both countries have their pros and cons on how they run their countries. For instance, in Canada how any bill needs royal assent is very clever because then the Governor General or the Queen has an outside view of what is going on that will sometimes really help in deciding on a bill or law. The US has a great system of Electing a president even though I think it is a little confusing if you are not similar to how it works but it seems to be working
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