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Military agenda aside, Canada 's participation in Afghanistan consisted of promoting human rights and helping the oppressed citizens. The expansion of demoralized citizens empowered the Canadian government to overthrow an oppressive Taliban government. At the time, a period of darkness loomed over the Afghans." Women were forced to stay home while children were forbidden to sing and play music. They were not allowed to do what Afghans have done for as long as they can remember: fly kites " Canada committed $227 million with a focus on promoting and protecting the rights of women and young girls. Furthermore, Canada supported the community based Girls Education Project along with the Elimination of Violence Against Women Law. Canada also helped Afghan women participate politically by increasing their involvement in elections and government affairs. Additionally, the $227 million was used to sustain Operation Accuis and the UN Population Funds for Women 's Rights. In short, Canada took a step forward from its traditional peacekeeping and went into Afghanistan as a police force promoting human rights in hopes of putting an end to oppression in the Middle East. Canada 's general objective in Afghanistan was to rebuild the country as a…show more content…
Canada entered the war not just as peacekeepers but as a strong police force acting in union with the American Forces to combat global terrorism, promote human rights, and help a country rebuild. Firstly, Canada helped annihilate terrorism at a global level in Afghanistan though its Joint Task Force Two (JTF2) Operation. Furthermore, Canada went into Afghanistan promoting human rights in hopes of putting an end to oppression in the Middle East. Finally, Canada helped Afghanistan rebuild into a stable, democratic and self-sufficient country. Ultimately, Canada 's participation in the war in Afghanistan has allowed it to become a strong police force that can function as soldiers of a global government through it peacekeeping

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