Canadian Forces In World Peace

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The Role of Canadian Forces in World Peace


Asif Ali

Research Supervisor
(Minhaj University, Lahore)

Prof. Dr. Nadar Bakht

Research Supervisor
(Memorial University of New Foundland, Canada)

Prof. Ivan Savic

1. Timeline of UN Peacekeeping Missions
2. Peacekeeping
3. Issues with Peacekeeping
4. Canada and International Organizations
5. Canada’s Foreign Security Relationships
6. Peacekeeping Operations of UNO
7. Peace Enforcement: Mapping the 'Middle Ground' in Peace Operations
8. Special Committee on Peacekeeping Operations on Need for Rapid Deployment
9. Missions in the Middle East
10. First Canadian peacekeeping mission
11. Why Canada sent Troops
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The presence of these people, soldiers, military observers or civilian police, encourage hostile groups not tousle arms and instead to keep negotiating for peaceful settlement of disputes. Most UN peacekeepers -- often referred to as "blue helmets " because of the blue colour helmets they wear while on duty -- have been soldiers, volunteered by their Governments to apply military discipline and training to the task of restoring and maintaining peace: monitoring cease-fires, separating hostile forces and maintaining buffer zones. Civilian police officers, electoral observers, human rights monitors and other civilians have joined UN peacekeepers in recent years. Their tasks range from protecting and delivering humanitarian assistance, to helping former opponents carry out complicated peace agreements. Traditionally, peacekeeping operations fall into two main categories: observer missions and peacekeeping forces. Observer missions usually consist of unarmed military and civilian personnel who monitor the implementation of cease-fire agreements. Peacekeeping forces are composed of lightly armed forces, and include fully equipped infantry…show more content…
The Council decides the operation's size, its overall objectives and its time frame. As the UN has no military or civilian police force of its own, Member States decide whether to participate in a mission and, if so, what personnel and equipment they are willing to offer. Under the present structure, this can take considerable time for the actual forces to be authorized and reach their destination. In some cases, peacekeepers have been sent to places where there was no peace to keep. In Sierra Leone while monitoring a peace agreement, contempt rather than cooperation was experienced by UN soldiers who were abducted; some

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