Canada Rtc Identity

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What would Canada be without the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission? One of the purposes of the CRTC is to maintain Canadian culture and identity by reserving a percentage of media and music to Canadian content. It also assists the music industry by promoting Canadian based performers, writers, and producers. On the other hand, limiting a portion of media to Canadian content means less from other countries, causing Canadians to have less of a variety of sources to choose from. This limits the extent to which citizens of Canada can develop their identity. Canada being a free country, the CRTC restricts the freedom of producers and media to compose and display what they choose. However, CRTC plays a significant role in Canadian society. Firstly, without anything in place to keep the Canadian identity strong, over time it will most likely merge…show more content…
With the CRTC in place, Canadians will have the freedom to explore other options, while still having exposure to Canadian artists, producers, and actors. This will help maintain the unique identity and quirks of Canadian-based content. The CRTC also supports Canadians making a living in the media. Without people to buy their music and movies, Canadian artists and companies will slowly die out. The idea of supporting Canadian artists is the exposure of Canadian Content; some are bound to enjoy it and will, therefore, buy albums and other products, supporting the Canadian producers. Another effect of the CRTC is that it inspires young Canadians to look into careers in the media, such as singing and acting. Therefore, the CRTC creates more jobs for Canadian citizens in the music, film, and radio industry. The CRTC is essential in maintaining Canadian identity, and Canada would suffer from the negative effects of globalization without
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