Canadian Charter Of Rights Essay

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How does the Canadian Charter Of Rights And Freedoms protect Canadians as individuals? Many Canadians know that the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms is part of Canada’s Constitution. The Charter protects every Canadian’s right to be treated equally under the law. The Charter guarantees, for all Canadians, Fundamental Freedoms, Mobility Rights and Legal Rights. Under the Charter in the section entitled Fundamental Freedoms”, Canadians have the right and freedom to express their own opinions, choose their own religion, to organize peaceful meetings and demonstrations and also the freedom to associate with any person or group. As part of a democracy, one is free to make their own lawful choices and to express their own opinions.…show more content…
As a result, everyone should be treated the same under the law, but however the Charter does not require the government to always treat people in exactly the same way. Phoenix Acero was a fourteen year old boy from Haliburton Ontario who commited suicide because of bullying. “Phoenix was the type of person that would stick up for anyone, even a stranger. “He was our life. Our world. My first true love” His mothers claims. In May at Acero’s school, a bully allegedly told him to go kill himself after trying to stick up for his friend. The next day, the same boy and two of his friends barraged him with messages telling him they were going to kill him if he showed up at a local party. Sadly after Phoenix’s death the bully was not held accountable for his actions, words, and disgusting behaviour. He even admitted saying it, and students exclaimed he was bragging about it at school. He was never punished, suspended, or had any consequences from his parents and his school. Aceros school announced “He didn't mean it, it was just an offhand comment.” But Halliburton's Highlands referred to their handbook to defend the decision
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