Canada Culture Vs American Culture Essay

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The Mariam-Webster dictionary defines culture as “the customary beliefs, social forms, and material traits of a group.” Though the majority of Canadians (over 90%) live within 100 miles of US-Canada Border, there are many stark contrasts in culture between the United States (US) and their neighbors to the North. Possessing some general knowledge and culturally awareness of any foreign territory will prove useful when adapting or visiting, this holds true the in the country of Canada. Examining key components of Canada, such as the citizens, government, military and general history, will help to understand the unique features of their culture. It is very important to be aware of different country’s cultures and walks of life. Although Canada is in some ways very similar to the United States of America there are some major differences that will be examined in the proceeding paragraphs. Prior to European settlement Canada had long been inhabited by a variety of indigenous groups spread across the country. These indigenous groups had established advanced trade networks…show more content…
Canada is also the home of my beautiful family and friends. From my personal experiences of Canada it’s a very clean and safe place to live or visit. I’ve had the pleasure of visiting a couple Canadian Provinces, such as Ontario (which is the home of my lovely Wife and Daughter), and Quebec. The citizens of Canada are very polite and forgiving for the most part. Understanding the different values and ethics shows someone the culture of a country. Though Canadians are often characterized as overly polite, hockey and maple syrup loving, igloo inhabitants. Canadian citizens are amongst the most educated, happiest, and advanced citizen groups in the world. Their culture is a unique combination of traditional British-Euro roots, capitalism and liberalism, often creating a conflicting national
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