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Canada’s culture name is Canadian. Canada is a multiracial and multi-religious country; therefore, it was difficult to define a “real” Canadian (Canadian Culture). Although it is hard to define a true Canadian, many of Canada’s art and architectural design, and literature come from the French and the British (Canadian Culture and Traditions). The website, Canadian Culture and Traditions, mentions that because Canadians architectural design originates from the French and the British, Canadians homes are architectural styled from the neoclassical movement.
Here are some cultural traditions and etiquette that exemplifies many Canadians. This information pertains to those who might decide to visit Canada. When you enter a Canadians home, please
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Canadian women are no longer living in the shadows of their male counterparts. Canadian women were once like a traditional English woman for Nova Scotia. Everything changed once Canada decided to adapt gradually to western society. One western culture tradition that was adopted was equality among women. Today, Canadian women equality had developed rapidly over the years, and even faster than its Western hemisphere counterpart. Women are given the chance to participate next to their male counterparts in government and politics and participate in jobs or activities that were once a gender-based job. Women have legal rights to an education, the right to vote and the right for equal pay; a choice to date and who to marry; and make decisions concerning their family and health care. And unlike the Eastern Hemisphere cultures, women have the right to file for a divorce and make choices regarding their body, such as abortion or the use of birth control. Provided, Canada supported abortion so much that they even made a law that allows Canadians for free of charge abortion. And although women have the right to marry anyone, there is not same sex marriage or polygamy. Same-sex marriage is still illegal in Canada. (World, 2010)
Women in Canada are heavily respected. If a lady enters the room and if you suspect a woman is about to stand up and leave the room, it is polite to stand till she sits down or leaves the room (Canadian Culture and

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