Canadian Federal System

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The relationship between federal provinces is complex and multifaceted which impact the development of relationship between the federal and provincial governments in Canada. These relationships have become a core element of the Canadian government and policy formulation, and the basic features of the Canadian federal system. They are the result of the widespread interdependence between the 2 levels of government. The activities of the central and provincial governments are intertwined with shared and overlapping responsibility patterns, shared power and shared funds, in many if not most areas of public policy.

Many of concerns, from modern governments found in the Constitution, are worried about crossing the loose jurisdictional
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Before, the Canadian federal system has a significant impact on the attitude of public health care in Canada. The main hand of health care legislation falls in the provinces. Therefore, Canada does not have a national health care system, at least in the sense of the central management and the national unity. In contrast, the Canadian public health care system is composed of a set of provincial governments, at different times, in different ways to manage their respective provincial governments.
Today, however, Canada's public health care system can is considered to be the "nation" in two important implications: first, through the use of its consumption ability, the federal government to encourage certain forms of the whole country in the implementation of public health. Second, as a financial partner of healthcare services, the Federal government has been able to ensure the basic standard of operation of these different provincial health care system. Although Canadians do not like the same public health care plan from coast to coast, the provincial system is unified, in public management, relatively comprehensive, universal, portable, and no significant financial or other barriers to
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The federal system has become controversial only when competition is trying to legislate the interests. For example, a court ruling is generally required to determine which level of government in a concurrent jurisdiction is the most important. The government is working together to apply the a one window delivery system, eliminating overlapping regulatory responsibilities, to the most appropriate to effectively deal with specific issues of environmental issues to provide a more clear. When a concern is delegated to the provinces, we can also expect a certain amount of flexibility to breed a variety of responses that are designed to address local considerations. This should encourage the development of innovation, the structure of cooperation, but also to promote the government to respect the country's agreed objectives and guidelines.
The relationship between federal and provincial government has occurred in many areas. They range from a multitude of informal day-to-day contacts between the daily bureaucracies to a more formal. While intergovernmental relations is often the broader political environment and the impact of the development, the government also often take unilateral action with others without extensive consultation. Thus, long-term federal- provincial government relationship is the most commonly used to refer to communication between officials
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