Canadian Immigrant Benefits

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Moving to Canada to work is a dream comes true for most Nigerians.
It’s possible if you’re able to successfully complete the Canada visa application online and receive the work permit to work in Canada. Depending on your citizenship from other countries, you can migrate to Canada as a skilled worker or professional.
Canada accepts approximately 250,000 immigrants from other countries around the world each year. One of the people mostly in demand in Canada is the skilled workers and professionals. They are citizens of other countries who have a bachelor’s degree and an advanced level of expertise in their chosen skilled occupation.
People that apply under the skilled worker immigration class are competent in at least one of the country 's official
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You will need more money for each dependent member of the family you want to bring together with you. The CIC website will reveal the exact amounts of money you will need.
You need to pay the application fees with a certified check, bank draft or money order payable in Canadian dollars and addressed to the 'The Receiver General for Canada”. You may also pay by credit card. The application form fee is currently at $550 CAD per person on the application.
Send your completed application form with all the necessary documents and the payment to “Citizen and Immigration Canada, Federal Skilled Worker, Centralized Intake Office, PO Box 7500, Sydney NS, B1P0A9, Canada.”
You will also need to submit police certificates from all the countries you 've lived in not less than half a year (6 months) after the age of 18. You don 't need to submit them before the application although it is highly encouraged. However, sometimes it’s preferable to wait and submit them in the end provided the police certificates are valid for twelve months and also the application process might be longer. So, even if you do submit them, you may be required to submit new
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You should also have to pass the medical requirements meeting 2 criteria. First one, you are to have no conditions threaten the Canadian public. The second reason is to own any condition that is to be excessively demanding on the Canadian healthcare system. It 's worth noting that your medical exam has to be conducted by the doctor on Canada 's list of designated doctors.

Keep in mind that the processes take time that varies depending on the country you may be applying from. The CIC website lists estimated wait periods by visa office locations. Once an applicant is approved, you will need to pay right of permanent residence fee which is $490 CAD per person.
Once you 're given your immigration visa, it 'll be valid for a limited time. You will have to visit Canada before it expires or you lose it! If you have to tie loose ends before you prepare yourself to arrive in Canada, that 's perfectly okay, however, you 'll need to visit Canada, and get your permanent residency card, and after that get back to your country of origin to tie your loose ends!
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