Canadian Magazine Dispute Analysis

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Canadian Magazine Dispute
Questions for Discussion:

1) To what extent do you think the U.S.-Canadian magazine dispute was motivated by genuine desires to protect Canadian culture?
I am of the opinion that there was a genuine interest and desire in protecting the Canadian culture not only just culture’s sake but for pride as well. If I were to put a numerical value on it for a visual effect, I would say 60%. Why is this you may ask? As much as the Canadians wanted to keep the integrity of the nation, I personally feel money/finances had a role to play as well. As mentioned in the article “Many observers believed that these measures were quite effective in protecting the small remaining share of Canada's domestically produced magazines.” Fewer
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They implemented many barriers to do such. As far back as the 1920s, the Canadian government imposed protective tariffs on foreign magazines. In 1965, Canada furthermore prohibited the importation of split-run editions of foreign-published magazines into their country. Now in recent times it is harder to establish what is foreign verses what is local due to globalization and technology. In addition preferential treatments to local magazines are a tad more complex now due to trade agreements which in the long run do benefit the…show more content…
Also, should be able to “vote” for their purchasing habits. It is that right of freedom that everyone should be awarded, and to strip a country of that right would most likely be presented as a very dictatorship government. Some magazine companies have enabled split-run magazines which thanks to new technology, businesses were able to print a split-run magazine for Canada without it being stopped at the border. They produced the magazine in the United States and then transmit the magazine contents electronically to a Canadian printer via satellite.

5) Is it fair to levy extra taxes against foreign magazines—which have the effect of forcing Canadian purchasers of foreign magazines to subsidize local publications?
In my opinion I think it is fair to levy extra taxes against foreign magazines. First and foremost the government must always prioritize it citizens first. Therefore by taxing foreign magazines you are helping and assisting local businesses by deterring consumers to purchase these foreign items because of the increase in the cost and in the long run providing and maintaining employment. The subsidizing of local publications would be a great by product and a nice incentive to the Canadians.
6) If you were the Canadian government, trying to protect the domestic magazine market, what kind of criteria would you establish to distinguish between a split-run and a domestic

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