Canadian Magazine Dispute Case Study

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The Canadian magazine dispute is very important to the Canadian culture. The magazine dispute was to prevent the negative effect of globalization which causes loss of ethnic culture. In 1970, a special Canadian governmental committee on mass media concluded that the Canadian “magazine constitute the only national press we possess in Canada” (as cited on “Culture and Globalization”, n.d.). Today, 89 percent of magazines sold in Canada are foreign. The Canadian government has had a deeper recognizability of the “production of magazines as an important touchstone of Canadian National Identity” (as cited on “Culture and Globalization”, n.d.). Magazine has a vigorous influence to inhabitant’s living. It can rapidly change the lifestyle and culture of the citizens. The magazine is one of the easiest ways to introduce the citizens the culture such as lifestyle, fashion, food, music and so on. The effective measures were revealed to avoid losing the Canadian culture by the government are imposing protective tariffs on foreign magazines and prohibition the importation of…show more content…
With the attitude of the Canadian government, this action helps avoid devastation its national magazines. If I were the Canadian government, trying to protect the domestic magazine market, I would enforce a restrictive law on split-run magazines and organize investment operations in the domestic magazine. Besides, some criteria would be established to distinguish between a split-run and a domestic magazine such as content, quality, ideas, and advertisement amount. I would ask myself these questions: what is the main content? How is its quality? Are the ideas interesting and creative or are they trivial? How many advertisements in the magazine? It would benefit people's lives or is it only published to sell
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