Canadian Nursing Heroes

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Canadian Nurses are the Unspoken Heroes of the War
Casualty numbers continue to rise as the Great War rages on in Europe, leaving Canadian Armed Medical Corp (CAMC) staff stretched and facilities full, according to a report released last Sunday. Tirelessly working in a chaotic environment sun rise to sun down, nursing sisters are the unspoken heroes of the war, their efforts largely unappreciated and unrecognized.
Nicknamed “bluebirds” from their blue dresses, white aprons and sheer white veils, nurses in the CAMC are known as diligent individuals who risk their lives on a daily basis to serve and protect.
Often placed on the frontlines of battle, nurses face exhausting, dangerous work on a daily basis, and are exposed to the effects of war
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Stahl, a frontline trench soldier, was injured by artillery shrapnel in the battle of Moreuil Wood, which took place in March of this year. He was taken to a nearby medical site, where he was treated and tended for over two months, until he was released on Friday.
“It feels good to finally be out of the hospital” Stahl stated at the end of his first rehabilitation session late last night. “During my time at the hospital, the nurses treated me like I was their child. It was quite remarkable”.
Stahl, who had originally been told that it would be at least four months before he would recover from his wound, was up and walking with assistance last night, only two months after he was hospitalized.
“I am extremely thankful for all of the wonderful service I have received during my time handicapped” he said. “All of the nurses are working above and beyond what is expected of them, just to keep spirits up among their patients”.
As Canadians continue to risk their lives in the Great War, it is often easy to overlook the valiant individuals who work behind the trenches, such as the nurses, who are the ones tending for wounded soldiers. They continue to work hard, and similarly to the war, don’t appear to be stopping anytime
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