Canadian Social Class

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Relationship Between Social Class and Health Social class describes a position which is based on the unequal distribution of power, wealth, income and status. Although, there is no definite way to measure class, class-based inequalities have become increasingly obvious in relation to health in Canada (Germov and Hornosty, 2012). This relationship between health and social class also reflects how the government targets health promotion at individuals rather than the whole population. Canada is named among one of the wealthiest countries in the world and is considered a healthy nation though, the reality of health inequality based on class still exists. To explain the health inequality in class, social determinants of health were introduced…show more content…
Everyday, Canadians are advised to eat healthy, exercise, and reduce the use of tobacco, though it is not understood that there are many impediments which restrict people from complying (Germov and Hornosty, 2012). A study of food-buying in Canada in Germov and Hornosty, (2012), showed that mothers from low income families were limited to certain foods as they had a budget and healthy food was comparably expensive. In the film, Ichiro Kawachi, an Epidemiologist also gave economic status as a reason to poor health, explaining how having a healthy diet is controlled by an individual’s access to the social determinants of health. Despite of knowing these facts, the government continues to spend money ]on encouraging individuals to change life behaviours and focus on individuals rather than the population as a whole. A reason for this is that individualist approach is supported by powerful groups such as pharmaceutical companies (Germov and Hornosty, 2012). Having powerful supports aid governments in being authoritative and also avoid unnecessary political costs on confrontations. The government has done little to improve social inequalities as there is a neo-liberal ideology which promotes individual health rather than issues of the government. (Germov and Hornosty, 2012). This results in no improvement of the lives of those who belong to underprivileged groups, strengthening the differences between social classes and their relation to
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