Cancer Council Image Analysis Essay

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Singer Delta Goodrem was diagnosed with Hodgkin 's lymphoma at the age of 18 and now regularly visits cancer patients in hospital and raises money for cancer research. This image captures the community spirit which the cancer council represents themselves through, using a well-known figure like Delta Goodrem humanises the subject and makes it a much more thoughtful gesture and appeals to what the cancer council’s main values and goals are. The image is of an un-named cancer patient (left) and famous Australian singer Delta Goodrem. They are both centred in the image where Delta and the patient are looking away from the camera which the picture is taken by, they are both looking at the same focus point which is off to the right of the photo…show more content…
Delta being a surviving victim of cancer is a good reason for her to be such a caring person for victims of cancer, her life and story strongly relates to the values the cancer council has. The image captures most of the values the cancer council have mentioned on their website, these are making a real difference, care, and collaboration. What this conveys is that she takes time out of her important celebrity life to care for the unfortunate victims of cancer really captures the value of making a real difference and slightly captures the care, being passionate about the missions and aims for the non-government agency. The main goal that the cancer council constantly promote on their advertising campaigns is the value of a community with goals and aims that present a positive community representation. This is also how delta is represented through the entire Australian community as majority of Australia will know who she
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