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Have you ever done something so enjoyable that you cant 't wait to do it again?Will that is exactly how I felt when I did the 2017 breast cancer walk .It was one of the best thing that I could have done this year. One day I was sitting in the living room and, my sister rush in with this big grin on her face.She was so excited to tell me that downtown was having a breast cancer walk to help raising money.She has always like giving back and thought it would be a good idea to try something new. I had never been to a cancer walk before so I was eager to go with her I knew that if I went it would help someone in need.I ask what day it was on and, she said that it was on saturday I was kinda nervous because exercise is not my strong point walking…show more content…
First, me and , my sister decided to go to walmart so we could get some comfortable clothes .Since the walk was in october every walmart was having a breast cancer awareness day were you can buy shirts , hoodies , pants and shoes to help raise money, we had such a fun time to pick out cute little outfits to match.We also picked up some art supplies so we could make some signs to encourage everyone when we were walk.When we got home we made our signs and me got our outfit ready for the next day.Lastly We had to go online and rigister so when we got to the event we could get our names tags and…show more content…
READY SET GO were the words we heard as we were about to dash off.Everyone was try there best to get to the finish line in time some people were running , sprinting and , jogging .As were geting up on the brige we could see the beautiful water underneath the sunset that was about to go down.Walking up on the hill was on of the hardest part of the walk but, as we were going down we saw this big parade cheering us on .This was the last mile and , time was coming in short but my sister was giving me such encouragement so I could get to the finish line in time finally I made it and I was so proud.When we got to the end people were screaming and , hug people smiling and having such a good

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