Candia Milk Case Study

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CDL (Chaudhry Dairy Limited) is one of the biggest companies in Pakistan. CDL was founded in 1984 as a private company. The company came with its first product Haleeb Milk´ and expanded its product line. CDL introduced ‘Haleeb Cream launched directly for consumer market and supplied in many ice cream factories. The head office is in Lahore in Bhai Pheru. The plant is engaged with latest facilities and technology, expert workers and professionals who look for quality at every level of production. And have posed threats to other dairy companies.
CDL and Candia of France joined hands in 1999 to bring the highest quality milk to the Pakistani Consumers. Candia is a French brand and it is very popular, and has a good brand image in
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Reasons why Candia Milk Failed In Pakistan
According to our research, we noticed that there are room weaknesses in the market efforts of Candia. Candia did not shown the result which they expected. It has launched the whole advertisement expense in the beginning and it only paid in for the first three months. After that the sale of Candia milk has been loosing its grip in the market and it forced the company to close down its promotional expenses. Following are the major factors of its failure:

Candia milk failed to do a proper advertisement and marketing campaign. There was hardly any on air advertisement and no other medium of advertising were selected for example billboards, print advertisement etc. Also the ads they made were not so attractive and remarkable than their competitors because which the consumers could not remember their product and the Candia milk could not come into the consideration set of their targeted consumers.
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They should have altered its taste in accordance with what the Pakistani consumers prefer. They targeted people of upper and upper middle class with low prices, this distorted its image of quality that it was actually providing. Their product reach and distribution was poor. Also there were no effective ways of advertising and communicating the high points of the product to the consumers. These were the reasons why Candia’s production stopped and why it failed in the Pakistani market.

If they ever plan to come back or rebrand Candia milk then they should consider what their consumers want to have and what they like, what are the things that they value, what are their tastes and preferences, what is their perception about the prices. They should set proper pricing strategies and make quality their bench mark. They should aware the people about what actually Candia is and what are its important attributes through proper channels and attractive advertising. CDL should strengthen its distribution channel for Candia so that it becomes easily available to
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