Candida Acne Research Paper

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Candida acne also is known as Candida Albicans or Candidiasis it is the same yeast that is responsible for well-known vaginal yeast infections that many women suffer from. This yeast is in over 80% of the population and depending on a variety of factors some people experience symptoms from it such as: Your Skin Can be affected: -Acne -Skin Lesions -Eczema -Psoriasis -Chronic Rashes You may experience Emotional and Mental problems such as: -Depression -Learning and Memory Problems -Irritability -PMS -Short Attention Span -Brain Fog -Insomnia -Mood Swings You may have Digestive Health Issues such as: -Diarrhea -Constipation -Malabsorption -Food Allergies -Gas -Digestive disorders such as IBS -Colitis -Bloating Respiratory Health Issues are…show more content…
The body normally releases insulin to deal with the problem. However many of us eat way, way too much sugar on a daily basis as it is, not to mention the office or birthday parties. That amount of sugar simply overwhelms our system and insulin simply cannot handle it. Candida comes to the rescue at this point. By swelling up and "eating" all of the excess sugar, it saves us from serious injury and even death. The problem is we keep eating our highly processed, sugary diets. This is the real link you have to worry about. Sure, candida itself can and does contribute to acne by inhibiting our body's natural functions, but if we weren't eating these crappy diets, there would be no link between acne and candida. It's the same thing as saying that oil, dead skin and bacteria are causing our breakouts; they're not. They're all secondary factors for the real and actual causes of acne. So don't misinterpret what I'm saying. There is indeed a link between acne and candida. However, this link is a non-item. If you attack the roots of the problem by first beginning with our highly processed and sugary diets, the link will cease to exist, and you would see your acne clear up by itself. However, if you have had acne for a while, then you will need to do a complete protocol that targets the root causes of your Candida to achieve lasting

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