Summary Of The Myth Of Persecution By Candida Moss

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Constantina Anadranistakis 7832179 References Moss, C. (2013). How persecuted were early Christians? In C. R. Moss (Author), The myth of persecution: How early Christians invented a Story of Martyrdom (pp. 127-162). New York: HarperOne. Before reading “Chapter Four: How Persecuted Were the Early Christians?” in Candida Moss’ “The Myth of Persecution”, I had always believed the life as a Christian in the years following Jesus’ death as being times of constant suffering and death for people who had faith in Jesus, for that was what I had been taught in my twelve years of Catholic schooling. Candida Moss’s book argues for the truth surrounding Christian beliefs, the laws that were made that caused Christians to be persecuted, and the time periods the persecution of Christians had occured.…show more content…
The purpose of the chapter is to provide examples of how the narrative of the persecution of Christians is viewed to be that of a horrific mass murder of people that did nothing but had a shared belief that Jesus was the Messiah. At the beginning of the chapter, Moss re-tells how the persecution of Christians is viewed by the general population. ”Christians lived surrounded by enemies and potential traitors, constantly looking over their shoulders, and always fearing the knock at the door that would bring destruction to the household.”(Moss, 2013, p.127) Moss would later reveal that Romans rarely actively sought out Christians to persecute them, let alone “knock on their
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