Candide Analysis

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Candide was the first French satire published in French by the French writer Voltaire, who is known for both his enlightenment and his memory in writing. Produced work in every literary form, and his writings gave a reflection of freedom of expression, and freedom of religion. In his novel, he has been used as a sarcastic satire of Voltaire 's philosophy and that sequencing the story in such a way that turned it into a comedy. The novel full of adventures filled frank journey around the world. Candide, which is very positive, have a positive attitude towards life, believing that the world is amazing as this idea given to him by his teacher Pangloss while he was a youth. During his trips to meet different characters, such as Cunégonde, Cacambo, Martin, and the old woman who also suffered a lot, and they all have bitter experiences in their lives. Even after listening to their suffering Candide remains positive.
In life, everyone has to face the obstacles, whether natural or man-made, and finally ends up Candide that in reality 'everything is fine. "Journey around the world in hopes of finding and achieving happiness, and then heading towards many obstacles, exposed tortured during an army training and his separation with his love was very devastating for him but he continued to be optimistic. he expressed always believed in the cause and effect in everything. one can conclude that the author was irrational and that exposing his beliefs that cannot be considered a reality.
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