Candle Burning Experiment

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This lab report discusses an experiment to study the difference in the burn rate of various colored candles. The objective of this experiment is to analyse the outcome of burning 5 different colored candles including white under the same control variable for 60 minutes. The white candles used in this experiment are pure and no chemicals or dyes are added to it. They are normally made from paraffin wax with a wick in the middle. Candles can also be made from soy wax, other plant wax or animal fat. Wax acts as a fuel to keep the candle burning. The wick has to be an absorbent twine with strong capillary ability. All candles used in this experiment are of the same height, size, shape and brand.

Research Question:
Is the burn rate
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The processed data validates the data analysis and supports to form a stronger conclusion.


Height of candle wax (cm)


The hypothesis “ If 1 white candle and 4 colored candles are burned for 1 hour at the same temperature, then the colored candles would burn faster than the white candles because they relatively contain a higher amount of chemicals and dyes, which accelerate the burning process of the wax.” was confirmed because the coloured candles burned faster than the white candles.
The analysis was based on the processed data, as it provides more accurate and reliable information. The results indicated that white candles burn the slowest and red candles burn the fastest. The processed data indicates that after completion of 60 minutes, the white candle reduced from a height of 1.4cm to 0.6cm, while the red candle was reduced to a height of 0 cm. Furthermore all the other colored candles were recorded at a lower height, compared to the white candle after burning for 60
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As well, this study is also important because it could affect the manufacturing of the candles, in terms of amount of materials and dyes that should be added to the candles, especially from safety and environment perspectives.


How This Limitation Affected Your Results
Realistic Improvements
The height of the candle used in the experiment was relatively small, which made the measuring process challenging.
Taller candles could have helped in given more accurate results.
In future experiments, candles should be at a minimum height of 5 cm.
The experiment was linked to a particular brand.
Different brands contain varied amounts of chemicals and dyes in the candle wax, which could have impact on the result.
The experiment should be repeated with another brand to support the

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