Candle Blow Tooth Exercise Essay

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The candle blow breath eases pain and tension within the body by extending the exhalation, allowing for a deeper inhalation.
Sit in a comfortable position with your eyes closed.
Inhale deeply through your nose.
Exhale in short quick blows through your mouth, forming a small “O” shape with the lips.
Release two blows of air per second as though blowing out candles.
With each blow feel the pain and tension being released.
Repeat as often as necessary. Appendicitis


The colour associated with the appendix is yellow.
Lie down comfortably, close your eyes and visualize the colour yellow.
See the colour yellow as yellow rays of healing sunshine.
Feel the yellow healing rays shining upon your body.
Allow your entire being to absorb the warm yellow healing rays.
The yellow healing rays of sunshine are saturating your digestive organs.
Visualize the yellow healing rays dissolving impurities, toxins, blockages
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Mix one level teaspoon of the powder with honey and take three times a day before meals until cholesterol levels are within normal range.
Two level teaspoons of the powder can be taken daily for one month each year to detoxify the liver and prevent against high cholesterol and the build-up of arterial plaque. In India this remedy is recommended to avoid heart surgery.
For dangerously high cholesterol and severe arterial plaque drink three glasses of freshly pressed pomegranate juice daily for one month. Continue this for one month each year.
Apply blue light on the abdomen for ten minutes, two times a day for one month.
Intermittently press the point three inches directly above the inside ankle bone for one minute three times a day.
The expansive breath opens the heart chakra to strengthen the lungs and improve the blood flow within the

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