Candle In The Wind

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Music beholds the power to move entire nations. It breaks down complex issues into a language which is easy to understand, such as love and loss. Music can open minds and expand horizons to new ideas. In this way, music can be used to empower issues which are difficult to comprehend. Additionally, it can be used as an outlet for inspiration to help individuals get over major problems that society faces. Ultimately, music has the ability to empower whole nations (Nuñez, Christina). Princess Diana of Wales died August 31, 1997. In September, her funeral was held (Early, Chas). Even though her death and funeral occurred in early Autumn, the United States and other countries mourned for her well into late December. This is likely due to the …show more content…

It was originally made for Marilyn Monroe. This remake shows how the death of the princess was equally significant to Monroe’s death (“Candle in the Wind”). John Elton wrote this song to help the world mourn and find acceptance. Though he does not specifically use her name, the listener knows who he is talking about by making this a song about the death of “England’s rose”. He comforts nations within the song by showing them apathy. He knows how people feel in regards to how the young princess’s life was torn away with little resistance. Additionally, in this song, Elton lets people know that even though Diana is gone, she is living in paradise. References to heaven and the afterlife are found constantly throughout this song. Ultimately, he shows that no one is alone in the grieving process. Throughout the song, he uses words like “we” and refers to Diana as “you”. This helped portray a setting that as someone was listening, they were talking directly to Princess Diana. He exemplifies the feelings of a majority of people, reassuring them that she will be dearly missed and remembered forever. Another major thought that many people had during this time was the circumstances surrounding her death, because she was young during the time of her death. The chorus of this song shows how the princess is like a candle in the wind. It could burn forever, if it were not for the breeze. However, this does not mean that the candle is eternally extinguished. It still burns with people 's remembrance (Taupin,

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