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Candlelight Organists The Burton Parish Church located in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia hosted a Candlelight Concert held every Saturday all year long and every Tuesday and Thursday’s only in the month of March. When entering Burton Parish Church there staff handed out programs that had information about the concert and about the church. In the program it stated incredible facts about Burton Parish Church. Like it is one of the oldest churches in America, founded in 1674. Also this church enhanced the pursuit for independence by the founding fathers. And furthermore, this church was used for a hospital in the Civil War. Not only has this church had wonderful occurrences, but it has a strong musical program that features the organ, harpsichord, and hand bells. On March 29, 2016 at 8:00 p.m. this particular Candlelight Concert was Sonatas of Felix Mendelssohn, Part I played only by the organ with three organists who were; Allen Shaffer, Thomas Marshall, and Norman Elton. When listening to the instrument I found it to be uninteresting. Before playing Allen Shaffer introduced himself and uplifted the audience with jokes about “Lutherans” and his dislike for him. When he started to play Shaffer was an…show more content…
The performer was very skilled on the organ and played this piece beautifully, Marshall seemed confident in his performance and looked like he was enjoying playing it. Sonata VI was a fast to very fast tempo, throughout the entire piece. In the program the piece was said to be allegro molto meaning very fast. Again, the piece was very spiritual like the first and had a catholic harmonic feel as well. The audience enjoyed this piece, their eyes were closed letting the music flow through them. After, Sonata VI was played the church went to intermission and asked for offerings to donate for a new organ and to keep the church open to
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